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ROM Subscription

ROM Subscription
Ruler of the Month subscription.

In March we start with this super fun subscription. 9 months a new ruler every month.
The nice thing is that you can process these 9 rulers in a chain reaction, you can finish existing quilts, but also as a finishing touch in new quilts that are made there and can make the most beautiful practice blocks as Quilt Along quilt.

Every ruler will be accompanied by a YouTube video and multiple illustrations of many possibilities of the ruler. There will be a Facebook page where you can place photos of your quilts or exercise strips with the rulers. This way everyone can enjoy each other's quilting work and everyone can get ideas together.

The duration of the subscription is 9 months. So there will be invoiced 9 times, with declaration for the ROM, you are obliged to participate every month.

At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for the next ruler, so you only have to enter once. The ruler will be sent in the first week of the month of the relevant ruler.

The ROM subscription costs € 17.50 per month, including shipping costs. For Belgium, Germany, Great Brittain and France + € 3.95 in shipping costs.

If you have any further questions or would like to receive the extensive information mail with photos of the rulers and examples, please mail to dequiltschuur@gmail.com
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